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New York 2018 Fintech World Conference -Regulatory Compliance: ICO’s, SECm Bitcoin and ETFs

The Harvard Business School Club of New York

New York 2018 Fintech World Conference – Blockchain Is A Technology, Not A Philosophy

The Harvard Business School Club of New York

National Real Estate Forum | The Real Crowdfund Project

Check out this podcast with Dr. Adam Gower, who runs The Real Crowdfund Project, where developers, investors and industry leaders share insights that you can sue to raise capital and invest in crowdfunded real estate deals.

REALCROWD Podcast – Operating Agreements & Waterfalls

Listen as Tyler Stewart and Mark Roderick discuss operating agreements, waterfalls and the history behind why and LLC exists.


REALCROWD Podcast – An Attorney’s Take On Real Estate Crowdfunding

Listen as Adam Hooper and Mark Roderick discuss crowdfunding for real estate and the legal documents investors sign when investing in a real estate deal.

Roderick Podcast Image

 4th Annual Crowdfunding USA Conference

BigBiz Radio

 #CrowdfundingUncut Podcast

Check out this podcast for #CrowdfundingUncut where I talk about the Equity Crowdfunding industry. This episode takes a look at the legal liability of Equity Crowdfunding, and also touches on Rewards Liability as well. Click here to listen.

CF Uncut

Equity Crowdfunding & Regulation A+ Workshop Webinar

Workshop on Regulation A+ With Jillian Sidoti

Down the Business with Jack Miller 880AM The Biz

Podcast: An Australian’s Guide to Investing in U.S. Real Estate

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Reed Goossens, who speaks with a strange accent but knows a heck of a lot about real estate. During the program, the third installment in Reed’s series on U.S. real estate syndication, I talked about raising capital from non- U.S. investors and other more general issues that face syndicators and investors. Click here to listen.

Reed Goosens


Josef Helm runs a terrific site called focused on the Crowdfunding industry. This week Josef interviewed me as part of his Crowdfunding Industry Spotlight series. He asked how I got into the Crowdfunding industry, my advice for those getting in today, my hopes and expectations for the future of Crowdfunding, and a bunch of other illuminating questions.

If you’re interested, my interview is HERE. But as long as you’re at the site, take a look at the eight other people Josef has identified as industry leaders, people like Richard Swart and Joy Schoffler. Responding to the same questions, you might find their answers more interesting.

I’m honored to have been selected. Josef, thank you for what you do in this space.

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